My Technology Setup

As an Apple sales guy, I get a lot of questions regarding what applications I use in my daily routine. Everyone is always curious about my “setup.” So here it is. A comprehensive list of the technology I use to stay organized, productive, and entertained.


MacBook Pro
Late 2011, 2.2 GHz Quad-Core i7
8gb RAM, 1TB 5400rpm HD, 120GB SSD (as startup disk)
Intel HD Graphics 3000 512MB, OS X 10.10 Yosemite Beta

iPhone 5S
32GB, iOS 7.1.2, Jailbroken

iPad 3 (Retina)
16GB, iOS 7.0.6, Jailbroken

Akai MPK Mini Midi Keyboard

Vizio 42” LED Smart TV

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